Sedona Dehydrator Review

Do you have a lovely big garden with fresh fruit and vegetables that needs to be stored away and you just do not have the space to preserve them, then you need one of the newest brands the Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator SD-9000 with great benefits and features.

You can take the advantage of your garden harvest by dehydrating your fruits and vegetables so they can be used all year round while controlling the quality of what you eat and even save you loads of money. With this computer controlled appliance that displays and monitors temperature and even adjusting heat when needed will keep your food preserved without losing any vitamins.

Sedona Dehydrator Design

This appliance is a relatively new dehydrator model with 9 shelves with mesh screens that measure about 15 x 13 inches. The unit has been elegantly styled like a counter top microwave so it has a hinged glass front door. The set of digital controls run across the front top of the unit.

The glass front makes it easier for you to be able to monitor the progress of foods that are being dehydrated without you having to open the door. Now that is what I call easy. When the door is opened the fan and heater unit automatically shuts off.

Sedona Dehydrator Features

  • This unit is computer-controlled and continuously displays and monitors the temperature while adjusting the heat when needed. Included is an on/off switch, countdown timer, and mode switch that allows you to set the fan at a lower speed if required that lowers the noise level especially at night.
  • The main benefit of the computer controlled temperature is the protection from over-heating. As the unit is dual-fan designed the back of the appliance has both an upper and lower fan with heating coils and heat sensors that helps when you place a solid tray in the center it effectively reduces the capacity of this dehydrator, while halving the consumption of energy used.
  • The appliance is so great that you can separate it into two completely separate compartments; this feature allows you to dehydrate various types of food without you worrying about flavor transferring from one food to another.
  • With the temperature display mode, it digitally displays your desired temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. While the blinking button next to the temperature display identifies which heating- coil is active. The trays are and entire unit is BPA free.
  • The air vents are designed to allow for both even and efficient air flow and circulation of heated air.

Sedona Dehydrator Customer Comments

Most customers who have purchased the Sedona food dehydrator would buy it again and consider it a great investment due to it’s many features.


  • Stylish design which looks great in the kitchen
  • The digital display is easy to use and understand
  • The temperature control is a fantastic feature which is always very accurate
  • The countdown timer goes up to 99 hours
  • Unit can be divided into 2 units for smaller batches
  • Glass door is great for checking the progress without opening the appliance


  • Bit expensive regarding other high-end Dehydrators
  • Still fairly new on the market

Sedona Dehydrator Review Summary

If the Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator SD-9000 fits your budget, and you enjoy using electronically controlled appliances, refined to countertop this dehydrator is worthy to be considered and most definitely going to become the high end model of choice. With comfort and ease while saving you time and energy who would not want to have this gorgeous appliance standing on their kitchen counter. With lots of space and capable of drying more than one type of foods without spoiling the taste, this is a must have for any modern kitchen.

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