Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric food dehydrator Review

presto 06300
  • Are you looking for a top of the line food dehydrator?
  • If so you have come to the right place. With the Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Presto Food Dehydrator you can just not go wrong! Just like any other commercial dehydrator, it can dry fruit, herbs, spices, meat and vegetables for a very small fraction of the cost.

This model can stack up to 8 trays, but only comes with 4 and has a bottom mounted heating element as well as a fan to allow for optimal drying with steady airflow.

Quick Overview

Product NamePresto 06300 Dehydro
Temp Range (°F) 90 - 160
Wattage (Watts)600
Max Trays8
Air FlowHorizontal
ThermostatNot Available
TimerNot Available
Warranty 1 Year
Our Overall Rating4.5 out of 5 stars
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Presto Dehydrator Design

This Presto dehydrator is very affordable yet is a well designed and constructed food dryer. It has been designed to be sturdy and durable enough to last for many years and great for those of you who are beginners in dehydrating foods.

Best Features

  • This appliance runs at 125-126F and can take a bit longer with certain types of foods that does need drying at higher temperatures. With the bottom mounted fan and heating element provides your food with consistent airflow to provide optimum drying for various types of foods.
  • With the 4 trays provided you can add more trays up to 8 if more capacity. When not in use, the trays can easily be stacked and stored in a cabinet.
  • The Presto cover is transparent allow you to keep a watch eye on the drying process.
  • As the Presto 06300 model does not come with a power switch, you must unplug the entire unit to stop the drying process.
  • All Presto dehydrators come with a 1 year limited warranty, and fruit roll sheets, jerky gun, jerky spice kits and mesh screens are optional to buy.

Customer Feedback

The Presto Dehydro feedback in general is very good. Food dries fairly quickly and is great unit for prepping relatively small amounts of food. People are very pleased as it is easy to use and clean while the noise level is acceptable.


  • With the fan and elements placed at the bottom it is easier to be able to clean the unit without any problems and even better are the trays that can be placed in your dishwasher saving lots of time and energy in cleaning them
  • The great feature of being able to see through the top helps you to monitor the drying process taking place and even children love looking at it as the food dries out
  • The appliance is designed stylishly and even look great with all your other devices standing on the kitchen counter and takes up little space
  • No tray rotation needed due to the power fan
  • Comes with great accessories (for additional purchase)
  • Even the cord is stored away in the unit, making it even better when displayed in your kitchen


  • Does not come with an on/off switch, but the power light assists you with being able to see if your appliance is on
  • There is no time and temperature control, but is still great if you need a basic dehydrator to provide you with the most nutritional foods to keep your family healthy and smiling.

Review Summary

  • The Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator is an entry level food dehydrator.
  • Provides you with great dried fruits and meats in saving money and even time and energy than running from one store to the other in search of great dried products.
  • If you are a small family and need to dry small portions of food at a time this will be the perfect appliance for you.

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