How to use a miter saw to cut baseboards

Do you have a baseboard corner to install? do you want to learn how to use a miter saw to cut baseboards?

First, you will need to learn how to cut the board correctly. It’s important to understand that with a miter saw you could make a variety of cuts: round cuts, quarter round cuts, circular cuts and many more.
So before you start cutting, you need to determine the following.

  1. Are you going to cut the left side or the right side of the piece?
  2. Which side of the board will end up longer when you are done cutting it.
  3. Finally, you will need to determine the angles at which you want to cut.

Along with these you also have to understand some fundamental terms:

  • Bevel Angle( joint)- An angle formed between the end of a plane.
  • Miter Angle(joint)- An angle made by bevelling each of the two parts to be usually joined at 45-degrees.

With this knowledge, we can now construct:

  • Inside 90 degrees – To cut an inside 90-degree corner the bevel angle at 45 degrees and miter angle at 0 degrees.
  • Inside 135 degrees- For an inside, 135 degrees corner set the bevel joint at 22.5-degrees and miter joint to 0 -degrees.
  • Outside 90 degrees- For attaining an outside corner cut of 90 degrees the bevel angle is set at 45-degrees and miter angle at 0-degree.

Using a miter saw is as easy as following these five steps.But first.

You’ll need.

  • Safety glasses.
  • Jackhammer headphones.
  • A Miter saw.
  • Tape measure.
  • A Tri-square pencil.
  • Caulking gun.
  • Combination square.
  • Hammer.
  • 180-grit sandpaper.
  • Pen-knife
  • Wood Filler.
  • Baseboards to work on.
  • Finish nails.

Step 1: safety first!

Like any other handy job standard hardware precautions are mandatory, so here we go.

  • Set up the work table appropriately in a manner that you can remember what is where.
  • Clear the working space only have what is necessary around your cutting area.
  • Wear eye protection to avoid pieces of sawdust getting to your eyes.
  • Have hearing protection on while operating the miter saw.( Jackhammer headphones)
  • Keep hands away from moving parts.( Pretty obvious, right?)

Step 2: Measure your wall dimensions.

Probably the most important step! You will need measurements to be able to make accurate cuts. Otherwise,  will have gaps between the wall and floors. Use a flexible tape measure to determine the length of your wall. Measure from one corner to the next while adding extra measurements. This will be helpful if the measurements turn out to be slightly less than the original ones.

Step 3: make an inside corner joint.

To make the perfect inside corner joint you will need to make a coped joint.

How to make a coped joint.

Support the end of a baseboard molding against a wall at a 90-degree angle.

Next, lay a baseboard flush face down and hold the baseboard molding perpendicular to the one facing down. Using a pencil, draw its outline.

Cut along the profile to make the back bevel cut at a 90-degree angle. Make it slightly shorter than the profile.

Step 4: make an outside corner trim.

When you come across an outside corner, set the first piece so that it extends past the outside corner. Mark where it will meet with the other piece of the outside corner with a pencil. You can use your tri-square to determine this by setting it against the wall.

Finally, Use a miter saw to cut 45-degree angle and voila!

Step 5: fill up.

The last step is determining what your boards require to be joined at the ends. If the baseboards meet directly at the ends, you need a square Joint. Use the miter saw set at 0 degrees to make this cut. Use wood filler to seal holes and gaps. Wait for it to dry and scrub excess filler with sandpaper.


Always remember to allow the saw blade to come up to full speed before you start cutting. This is vital if the cut you desire to make is to be achieved. Another tip is that you should always ensure that you have fit all the miter saw piece’s together according to the manual(handbook). A poorly fixed miter saw will ruin a perfect cut. Also, set up the device in an area with lots of light to make sure you get the best from your efforts. That’s it as far as using a miter saw to cut baseboards is concerned.