Deni Food Dehydrator Review

  • Have you ever considered drying your own goodies that costs you much less than bought at the local store?
  • Then you have come to the right place in finding out just how to do that! Nowadays health is becoming part of many of our lives daily routines so why spend a fortune on buying all your dried ingredients if you can do it yourself and save on costs by purchasing the Deni 7200 Food Dehydrator.

If you are a beginner at dehydrating food, then the Deni dehydrator is for you as it is small, simple to use and can be bought at a very affordable price. With its durable motor and fan you can dry food fast and efficient.

Deni Dehydrator Design

Measuring at only 13 x 11 x 9.1 inches the Deni 7200 will look great on your kitchen counter and will not require much space. With its box type design and great looking white/blue color this appliance can dry any type of food from preserving fruit, herbs, vegetable and even make your favorite jerky.

Key Deni Food Dehydrator Features

  • This Deni dehydrator provides you six square trays while allow you to dry a variety of goods all at the same time.
  • While the Deni is not dishwasher safe, it can be easily cleaned with hot running water and a simply wipe down.
  • The durable 350 watt motor runs very quietly and a 7 inch fan will dry your food with an even fast process.
  • The unit comes with easy to read instructions plus a bonus recipe book to make a wide range dehydrated foods.

Deni Food Dehydrator Customer Feedback

Overall customers are very pleased with this appliance, especially if you are still new at using dehydrating machines as it is a very basic unit with no frills attached to it. They are very pleased with how quiet this product operates and cleanup. As it is a very plain appliance it still receives excellent reviews from customers who have used this product.


  • The unit is very small and easy to use and even looks great on the kitchen counter
  • Has enough trays to be able to dry quite a few different foods at the same time, saving you lots of time and money
  • Very quiet and allows for even drying process Can even dry pepper and various types of spices without any problems
  • You receive a great recipe book to help you learn how to make various types of dried food and ingredients


  • Does not have a timer or temperature control so you must manually monitor the drying process throughout the day

Deni Food Dehydrator Review Summary

If you are looking for an appliance that is not too expensive or complicated to use then the Deni 7200 Food Dehydrator is the right product for you. With this unit you can just set it up, switch it on and it does the rest for you and with the easy to follow instruction manual there is no way that you can go wrong with this product. Although it does not have any fancy frills and gadgets to it you can still dry all of your leftover fruits, vegetables, and meats without much extra work. With this unit you will save time and energy from visiting all the different shops just to purchase all your spices and foods at very high prices. Save on all these costs and purchase this small but sufficient appliance to make you become a great expert at drying your own foods.

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