Candy Crush Saga Level 12 Guide Cheats Tips & Tricks

Candy Crush Saga Level 12 Guide Cheats Tips & Tricks

To complete Candy Crush Saga level 12 you need to Clear 4 ingredients get 40.000 points in 35 moves. Please Read the tips cheats and tricks, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Candy Crush level 12.

You can beat this level using 3 main cheats/tricks.

Cheat 1 : Don’t Make Ingredients Go to the sides

  • It is recommended that you pay attention and avoid placing the ingredients being stuck on the side, because it becomes harder to bring it down.
  • The ingredients in this level are 1 Hazelnut and 3 Cherries.
  • In case you are stuck with one of the ingredients being stuck in the sides, you can lollipop booster which will remove it.

Cheat 2: Striped Candies

  • In this level you have 2 goals you have to reach which are not easy but using striped candies efficiently will help take care of the points pretty fast and easy.
  • To get Striped candy you need to match 4 candies of the same color- preferably you need to get vertical striped candy in order to clear a path for the cherry a lot faster.

Cheat 3: The lesser the better

  • As said before you need to use striped candies this will drastically reduce the need for more moves to reach your goal, try especially vertical striped candies which will clear them fast.