Candy Crush Saga Level 11 Guide Cheats Tips & Tricks

Candy Crush Saga Level 11 Guide Cheats Tips & Tricks

To complete Candy Crush Saga level 11 you need to Clear the ingredient get 1.000 points in 50 moves also you need to clear 39 jellies. Please Read the tips cheats and tricks, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Candy Crush level 10.

You can beat this level using 3 main cheats/tricks.

Cheat 1 : Stripped Candy

  • Combinations will help finish the level faster with less moves and a higher score
  • To get Striped candy you need to match 4 candies of the same color- preferably you need to get vertical striped candy in order to clear a path for the cherry a lot faster.

Cheat 2: Think Before You act

  • Don’t forget that to pass you need to get down the ingredient so don’t lose focus
  • think before you play but don’t take too long
  • and with the points requirement you have a lot of room to play with so that won’t a problem.

Cheat 3: Avoid Bomb Candy.

  • In this Level in particular it is not recommended to create bomb candy but striped candy can be a lot more useful.