Best Mountain Bicycle For The Money

King of the hills, master of muck, trail titan are just some of the titles these monsters have earned over decades of tackling the rugged nature in front of us, and of course, making riding enjoyable to you.

Mountain bikes were created for off-roading and for providing lots and lots of fun.

The best mountain bike can be a variety of things, depending on your riding style, tastes, and local trails. Like other segments of cycling, the mountain bike pie has been sliced into different flavor and discipline in which they excel.

There is a bike for everyone from the cross-country racer who is all about climbing speed to the park rider looking to go big and everything in between. And there are the adventure junkies; we aim to help you find the perfect bike to fit your passion. Whether you need it for your family, friend or you, we’ll make you through the options which suit you. We are of quality, reliability and low expenditure.

Here is a list for the best Mountain Bicycle For The Money

Diamondback Bicycles Release 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike.Hydro-formed aluminum frame.

1x11 speed SRAM GX 
Diamondback Bicycles Release 1 Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle.Hydro-formed alloy frame

  Mixed SRAM 2x10 group-set 
FIRTH SPORTS Traveler 21 speed Women Aluminum Mountain Bike.Lightweight aluminum 17" frame w/ suspension fork.

21-Speed Shimano Gearing
Murtisol 26” Mountain Bike 21 Speed.Premium quality and durable steel


1. Diamondback Bicycles Release 2

This is a dream trail bike, taking more than just a suspension platform. The well-engineered level link design brings best-pedaling experience. It proves stability at high speeds, up steep terrain, and even the most hardened sections. It is made to be driven all day long.

  • It has excellent stopping and control, thanks to the SRAM level T hydraulic brakes.
  • It also comes with 1*11 speed SRAM GX drive-train paired with face effects of cranks, and this makes you crank up and down the mountain.
  • It comes partially assembled so you have to go an extra mile to make it whole, which is a tedious job and will cost some money.
  • The hydraulic system is prone to failure which can render the bike useless!

2. Diamondback Bicycles Release 1

Diamondback Bicycles Release is a perfect match for those for value and performance because it pushes through any terrain and is durable thanks to the high performance hydr0-formed alloy frame and 130 mm rear suspension making the ride more comfortable. All you need to do is to jump up the tires and go.

  • It comes with SRAM 20-speed drive-train having plenty of gears to get you to the top.
  • Power is not lost in the suspension and goes straight to the tires, excellent level link work.
  • It is also designed to be assembled in less time and more time riding it.
  • The bikes manual lacks critical information which may give you a hard time during maintenance and assembly.
  • The brakes tend to fail.

3. FIRTH SPORTS Traveler 21 speed

Traveler 21-speed women’s mountain bike comes with a durable, lightweight aluminum frame designed to overcome the potential harm of bumps and dips on dirt pathways and trail roads.

Thanks to the bike’s 21-speed Shimano derailleur system and SRAM grip shifters which give you absolute control over speed and resistance, in this way you fine tune your ride all along.

Ladies, this one suits you. You are going to agree with me.

  • Tektro front and rear alloy pull brakes provide secure stopping power.
  • The bike’s solid alloy rims help reduce overall load slightly, and the knobby tires will dig into grass, mud or gravel efficiently giving you a smooth ride ever.
  • The bike’s speed shifter doesn’t work as expected; it has some drawbacks in that it’s slow to react to any gear shift.
  • The manual says nothing, it’s not detailed, and that’s a significant challenge especially when assembling it.

4. Murtisol 26″ Mountain Bike 21 Speed. 

Murtisol 26″ Mountain Bike 21 Speed bike is a perfect one for those who like to work outside and enjoy for being healthier by your effort; it’s an ultimate feel-good partner, economical and reliable. Its geometry is in line with the rider giving a strong sense of performance. It has also paid attention to simple handling that reacts with self-confidence and liveliness in every riding situation; each component has been carefully considered and selected to piece together, it’s a great work which makes it the beast of the jungle.

  • It is equipped with high-quality disk brakes delivering reliable performance, excellent stopping power in all-weather conditions.
  • It has adjustable seats recommended for people of 5’1”-5’9”.
  • The suspension system does not isolate the track vibrations wholly on bumpy terrain giving a not-so-good ride.
  • Its design is not so charming and needs some improvement.


We make sure we give you enough information to go to the shop and make an informed decision on your next mountain bike. Because there is no “perfect bike” for everyone, but there is a perfect bike for you. Choose from our list.