Best Earbuds To Sleep In

You may have a hard time sleeping; you’re forced to stay awake at night because of a snoring partner, noisy neighbors who become active only at night or the city disturbances.

Sometimes it’s not wise at all to pick a quarrel probably with your neighbor; you need something to help drift you off to sleep at the same time playing relaxing music, sweet beats, and soundtrack without any ambient noise frustration.

The best way to do that is using Best Earbuds To Sleep In which provide exceptional noise cancellation and comfort.

Here we list the top ear-buds which are durable, comfortable and fit your budget, don’t end up buying useless ear-buds which will be even worse than your noisy neighbor. Have a look!

ANYFONG Fully Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Everyone from snoring spouses, naughty neighbor, shift workers or tinnitus suffers looking to improve their sleeping experience, the ANYFONG Fully Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with silicon ear muffs is ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable and stable tilt while wearing suitable for most people’s ears.

Truly wireless employing the latest Bluetooth 4.2 version and a CVC 6.0 noise canceling mic provides a smooth connection with clear and pure natural stereo sound and deep bass.

It comes with a rechargeable 700mA large box which can provide 1.5 hours of music playback and fully charges in 1 hour.

It is easy to sync with all devices.

With it are also a 1-year warranty also to a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

  • It is easy to pair and sync with all devices you have.
  • The 700mA rechargeable box can provide music playback for 1.5 hours, and in case of emergency, you can charge your phone.
  • Pure and natural stereo sound and deep base free from any ambient noise interference. 
  • A 1-year warranty for the headphone and a lifetime sweat-proof warranty.
  •  Inability to play music out of both ear-buds at the same time.
  • The quality is so poor and may work for a year or less!

AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Our sleep earbuds are a fantastic aid for you to fall asleep in minutes.

The ultra-thin 4 mm flat head-phone are engineered for comfort while wearing or sleeping with them on your side, unlike other painful earplugs which keep on falling out frequently.

This head-phones where invented by a family doctor to offer the most comfortable conditions to fall asleep without the help of drugs.

The sleep-phones headband is equipped with 3.5 mm mini-jack to connect to all devices with a 4-foot flexible cable.

The speakers are removable and replaceable.

  • Equipped with hypoallergenic sleep fabric; the worlds most comfortable sleeping pajamas for your ears.
  • Sync with all your devices with a 4-foot long durable cable.
  • Blocks out noise while giving you peace to fall asleep.
  • It is a sleep savior with lead-free electronics.
  • The cable connection to plug is quite fragile and should be reinforced.
  • The speakers can lift making them susceptible to damage.
  • The cable fabric becomes torn easily exposing the wires.

Senzer S10 Earbuds

For comfort and convenience of in-ear earbuds, the Senzer S10 Earbuds are designed to deliver that.

So small but never at the expense of performance, delivers deep bass, ultra-clear and natural stereo sound across a wide frequency range.

They have a straightforward but aesthetic design giving amazing looks.

For easy use, it features 3-button inline remote to assist in calls taking, skip or pause a track; all for your convenience.

It also comes with six pairs of anti-noise ear tips and a small bag to carry them.

For sync with other devices, a 3.5 mm jack serves the purpose.

It’s time lose yourself and enjoy disturbance-free sleep and music.

  • Delivers superior and quality sound free from ambient noise.
  • Robust metal housing with an ultra-flexible cable for durability.
  • Easy to use and comfortable to the ears.
  • 100% money back guarantee if no satisfaction.
  • The metal core is too huge and doesn’t fit most people’s ears.
  • Poor quality headphones and can fail within no time.
  • No clip, so the cables move around creating noise.

Losei Bluetooth Headphones

It’s time to experience virtually wireless technology were struggling with wires is a thing of the past.

Losei Bluetooth Headphones has built-in audio processing which eliminates any ambient noise interference at the same time offering a natural stereo sound and bass sound.

It comes with 4.1 version+ EDR and 40mAh lithium battery giving up to 40 hours standby time with 1-2 charging hours with a USB cable.

It’s compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

An 18-month replacement warranty is given with 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and quality sound free of any noise interference.
  • Durable rechargeable 40 mAh lithium battery.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • An 18-month hassle free warranty is given.
  • You have to take off the wings completely when you want to charge.
  • The earbuds generally don’t fit in your ears.


Having earbuds to get peaceful nights is luxury. Picking the correct one increases your satisfaction, choose one of the listed above and forget those sleep medications! We guarantee satisfaction and high-quality products. Thank you!